Edit Start Button In Windows

I am going to show you how to take your start button from this Start edit button windows to this So Cool edit start button windows

Ok for this you are going to need to follow these instructions very carefully. This MAY harm your computer if you change the wrong things. (THIS GUIDE IS TO BE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK)

What we are going to do is edit the "START" button in windows to make it say whatever we want.

What you need:
- A computer running windows... DUH (this has not been tested on Windows Vista)
- ResHacker.exe - download here

Getting started.

1. Open ResHacker.exe
2. File -> Open
3. C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
4. String Table -> 37 -> 1033
5. Replace "start" with whatever you want
6. Compile Script
7. String Table -> 38 -> 1033
8. Replace "start" with whatever you want
9. Compile Script
10. File -> Save As explorer2.exe
11. Exit ResHacker

look at your start button... nothing right here are the final steps

12. Start -> Run
13. type regedit
14. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (scroll all the way down to find it) -> SOFTWARE -> MICROSOFT -> WINDOWS NT -> CURRENT VERSION -> Winlogon
15. Find "shell" and double click it
16. Replace explorer.exe with explorer2.exe
NOTE: When you want to change it back just follow steps 12 thru 15 and in step 16 change explorer2.exe with explorer.exe

17. Logoff or Restart your computer.


Andrew said...

ok this is really cool.